Frequently Asked Questions


Q?  What is an Air Ambulance Broker?
A.  The web is full of air ambulance companies that have no aircraft or medically trained employees. They are called brokers. These are middlemen who pose as providers when in reality are just an extra cost to you. We are a true air escort service. We do not broker medical escort trips. We will assist you in finding the right company should your trip require a air ambulance.

Q?  How can I get a quote?
A.  Most quotes can be done via email. However it’s best to discuss your case with one of our flight coordinators so that complete and accurate information is obtained.

Q?   Can you do this yourself?
A.  Many family members want to escort the client themselves, this can be challenging at best and could endanger the patient. Lacking the knowledge for adverse reactions to flight, such as oxygen deprivation, fluid intake and flight sickness can create undesired results. Our flight nurses have received training in altitude physiology and what the effects of flying aboard commercial aircraft will have on patients.

Q?  How fast can you get to our patient or family member?
A. Air Escort staff are located close to several major airports and on call 24 hours a day. Usually our staff can get to a patient within 24-48 hours.

Q?  Can You arrange all transportation?
A.  Air Escort can arrange all necessary transportation not only in the United States but in many other countries.

Q?  Is flying commercially right for me or my family member?
A. Most patients who can sit for certain periods of time can tolerate a commercial trip without any problems. We will fully screen your family member to assure that commercial travel is appropriate.

Q?  Do Traveler Insurance Companies pay for your service?
A.  Many times travel insurance companies will cover the cost of transporting someone, however, please check with your insurance provider for complete details.

Q?  How much does it cost?
A.  Costs vary due to fluctuations in Airline prices and other costs incurred. It’s best to call us for a quote and to reserve tickets as early as possible.

Q?  We have an undocumented patient needing transport, how can you help?
A.  We work with many hospitals abroad as well as embassies and consulates to arrange for the speedy and safe return of citizens of another country. Once we have agreed to transport and quotes are accepted, we will assist you in arranging receiving facilities in foreign countries.

Q?  How are your staff medical skills reviewed?
A.  Unlike many other air ambulances, we have an onsite physician medical director who constantly reviews our skills and competencies to assure that we are performing to the utmost standards. Many other companies do not have that level of involvement from a physician.


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