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Air Med Group Has Over 25 Years of Experience In Medical Transport


Over many years of service escorting patients around the world, Air Med Group has assisted hundreds of families and hospitals to move patients with safety, ease and convenience. We have grown a reputation as a leader in both domestic and international medical transportation. We are owned and operated by medical professionals with over 25 years of experience in patient care and transport. You will not find another company with more personalized services than ours.

Here are just a few of the reasons why Air Med Group is a leader in medical escort:

  • Flight Coordinators are trained and committed to arranging fast, cost-effective travel for patients, based on individual need and circumstances.
  • Air Med Group provides a complete bedside-to-bedside service including medical evaluation, commercial airline clearance when a medical escort is contracted, scheduling, ticketing, ground transportation, coordination between sending and receiving facilities.
  • All our personnel are fully insured.
  • Our staff are aero-medical trained and many are multi-lingual.

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World Headquarters

USA Toll Free: 1877-400-0463

World Wide Call Center:


5582 Broadcast Court

Sarasota. Florida, 34240


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Types of Personnel Who Fly With The Patient are Flight Paramedics. Certified Flight Paramedics possess skills very similar to our flight nurses. Often, Paramedics make excellent choices for transporting patients because of their quick assessment skills, and level of emergency training. Paramedics may administer medications, provide suctioning, deliver oxygen, monitor blood sugar levels and many other skills.

All Paramedics are required to maintain certification in Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Basic Cardiac Life Support, and Special training in Aviation Medical Escort.

Respiratory Therapists are utilized for our specialty trips. Whenever there is a need for a ventilator or other type of respiratory care we will provide this type of personnel. Respiratory therapist receive the same training as our Paramedics and Nurses and are trained in Advanced Cardiac Life Support, and Flight Physiology.

Air Escort utilizes Flight Nurses that are stationed both domestic United States as well as in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Our nurses are fully trained in Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Flight Physiology, and Our own academy of training specific to the commercial airline industry. Both nurses are very similar to paramedics in their skills and training.

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