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Medical Escort on Commercial Flight

Medical Escort is a service provided by Air Medical Group to patients that do not require an air ambulance. Following a thorough “medical screening” to determine the suitability for this type of travel, we will obtain the necessary airline medical “clearance”, in-flight oxygen, ticketing and ground transportation.

If a stretcher transport is not necessary, the patient will be placed in a First-Class Seat. This provides the patient with maximum comfort as it reclines back further and allows more leg room than coach. It also provides the flight nurse with more working space to accommodate state-of-the-art medical equipment.

At least one highly-skilled flight nurse or paramedic will accompany the patient. Supplemental oxygen may be necessary to compensate for the decrease in cabin oxygen levels. In addition, it is important to monitor the patient on pulse oximetry to ensure proper oxygen saturation and may require a cardiac monitor to assure stable heart rates and rhythms. Appropriate emergency medications, airway management equipment and comfort items are all readily accessible to the flight personnel. Each airline has it’s own policies regarding fitness for travel by passengers. The patient’s medical condition determines if a medical escort is a viable alternative. Patients with communicable diseases are not accepted for this type of travel.

When a patient is in a hospital or going to a hospital, he or she must receive the same level of medical care during the transport. Therefore, advance life support capability MUST be provided. Our flight nurse or paramedic will sit next to the patient, monitoring oxygen levels and cardiac rhythm. In addition, the flight nurse administers medications as ordered, performs non-invasive blood pressure monitoring and charts all vitals signs such as heart and respiratory rates, BP and pulse oximetry readings. Naturally, the safety and care of the patient is our utmost priority. This service costs thousands less than a private air ambulance and could be exactly right for what you require. Please call a Flight Coordinator to find out if this service meets your needs.

Air Medical Group personnel, usually an accompanying nurse or paramedic, will supply monitoring equipment, bathroom and hygiene assistance and all necessary aid, such as administering medication.

We take care of every aspect of escorting the patient to unburden the client of technical and procedural tasks involved in transport and travel. These services include:

  • All ground transportation
  • Booking and ticketing for patient and relatives
  • Priority boarding, seating and deplaning
  • Coordinating with attending and receiving facilities
  • Documentation and follow-up

Assisting Hospital and Healthcare Facilities

Many Healthcare facilities are unaware that our service exists. We can assist you with transfer of patients that are non U.S. Citizens and in need of transport home to family members that will care for them or to other foreign healthcare facilities. We offer compassionate service to our non U.S. Citizens requiring transport back to their home countries.


International repatriations are the most challenging and rewarding transports that Air Medical Group conducts. Communication with discharging facilities, medical practices, visa requirements and local customs are issues that must be overcome to ensure the successful transport of the sick or critically injured. We have quick access to foreign embassies to expedite retrieval efforts. Many times each year, we are called upon to transport loved ones back to waiting families overseas. Air Medical Group has conducted flights worldwide in some of the most difficult situations. Call us or email today to discuss your case.


Commercial Stretcher on International Flights

This service is for patients not in need of critical care measures. It requires blocking rows of seats to allow a FAA approved stretcher to be placed on the commercial airline. A curtained area would become the patients “room”. We make all of the needed arrangements and use our aero-medical staff and equipment. Each airline varies as to where they allow the stretcher installation and the location of the stretcher varies with each type of aircraft. The price of this service ranges from the purchase of four, full-fare, first-class seats to nine coach seats. International carriers have varying degrees of charges related to oxygen requirements. Although this may sound expensive, it is usually 1/2 to 1/3 the cost of a private air ambulance aircraft. The longer the distance, the more “cost-effective” it becomes.

Each flight is staffed with one to two aeromedical crew members that are advance life support equipped. Patients including ventilator dependent patients are transported with complete battery support systems and all necessary back-ups.

Some of Our Amenities Included With Your Free Quotation:

  • Highly-trained registered nurses, paramedic’s or EMT medical escorts
  • In-flight medical care, including oxygen, sedation, and pain management
  • Complete fitness for travel screening
  • All travel planning
  • 24 hour access to our American Express VIP Services Desk
  • Priority airport check in
  • Minimal wait times
  • First class airline seats
  • Medical director screening and monitoring during trips
  • Bedside greeting and drop off
  • All ground arrangements
  • Flight following on the day of the trip
  • Weather monitoring 48 hours prior to the trip
  • Medical reporting to the receiving facility
  • Specialized equipment to move immobile patients designed by our staff
  • Procedures for incontinence care to assure a worry free trip
  • All-inclusive, no obligation written quote
  • Customs, immigration and international travel arrangements

We Offer Complex Medical Trip Services Which Can Include:

  • Ventilated Patients
  • International Stretcher Services
  • Paralyzed Patients with total lift and transfer services
  • Organization of complicated multinational medical team transfers
  • Coordination with airlines and obtaining of medical clearance
  • Total Bedside to Bedside Services
  • Nursing staff based in most areas of the United States, Canada, Europe, Middle East, India, and China



Air Medical Group Has Provided Medical Escort Service Around The Globe
During our years of service we have helped patients get to and from over 100 countries around the world. A small sampling of countries where we have escorted patients includes countries like Poland, Serbia, Brazil, Columbia, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Croatia, Spain, Germany, Austria, Morocco, Ethiopia, Kenya, Australia, New Zealand, Phillipines, Japan, China, India, Pakistan, UAE, Saudia Arabia, Kuwait, Eqypt, Kosovo, Crete, Greece, Portugal, Ghana, Nigeria, Sweden, Moldova, Bulgaria, Israel, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Guyana, El Salvador, Guatamala, Mexico, Panama, Equador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Trinidad, Martinique, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Canada, Georgian Republic, Oman, Qatar, Thailand, Vietnam, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Israel, Sierra Leone, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Hungary, Guyana, Honduras, Nicaragua, Taiwan, Austraila, Marshall Islands, and more!

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